For the purposes of this document, "potentially infectious
waste" shall also mean biohazadous, biomedical, red bag,
or regulated medical waste, as those terms are defined
under federal, state or local laws, rules, regulations and
guidelines. The following waste streams are generally
considered within the definition of "potentially infectious  

Includes waste blood, serum plasma, and the products
and components of blood.

Includes hypodermic needles, syringes, scalpels,
pipettes, broken glass, and other medical instruments
that have come into contact with infectious agents
during patient care or laboratory research.

Wastes From  Surgery or Autopsy:
Includes soiled dressings, sponges, drapes, lavage
tubes, drainage sets, under pads, and surgical gloves.

Dialysis Wastes, (Including Contaminated
Disposable Equipment and Supplies):
Includes tubing, filters, disposable sheets,
towels, gloves, aprons, and lab coats.

Other Wastes:
Various other biological waste and discarded material
contaminated with or exposed to blood, excretion, or
secretions from human beings or animals.

Pathological Waste:
Pathological wastes, considered infectious because
of the possibility of infection in the patient or corpse,
include tissues, organs, body parts, blood and body
fluids removed during surgery, autopsy, and biopsy.
Pathological Wastes includes contaminated animal   
carcasses, body parts, and bedding of animals that
were intentionally exposed to pathogens.

Pharmaceutical Waste:
Pharmaceutical waste that meets the RCRA (or any
applicable more stringent state regulations) criteria
and definition of "Non-Hazardous Waste" may be
accepted following approval by Tridecon. A list of
all drugs, with national drug code (NDC) number,
manufacturer name, and trade or brand name for
each product is necessary for waste characterization
and approval. No hazardous pharmaceutical waste
will be accepted.
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